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C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang
10 January
Things you may not have known about me...

I am a first-generation Canadian, with Welsh roots.
My mother is Welsh, from Aberystwyth. My father was English, born in Manchester. On both sides, my ancestry is Welsh. I am proud to be both of these things. I am a Hyphenated Canadian, by choice. (Welsh-Canadian) I married an Austrian.

I have a passion for music.
I play: Clarinet (Jazz, Classical, Modern), Percussion (Kit, Pit and Mobile) and Bodhran. I have Grade 6 RCM in Clarinet, and Grade 4 Percussion. I spent 4 years in Showband, 2 years playing Clarinet, and two years in percussion. I have been in more parades than I care to count. I was in the Half-time show for the Grey Cup. I competed in the World Music Concourse (the Olympics of Showbands) and won Gold and Silver. I played at Buckingham Palace for the Queen.

My taste for music is wide, and varied. My favourites include Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Holst, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Grapes of Wrath, Silverchair, Tool, Great Big Sea, The Arrogant Worms, The Punters, The Fables, Shanneyganock, The Ennis Sisters, Shaye.. The list goes on and on and includes Classical, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk.. A little bit of everything, really.

I also sing. Enthusiastically. Not well.

I have just moved 6000kms from where I was born
Having had enough of Prairie Skies, this girl and husband stardreamink picked up and moved to Newfoundland, trading seas of grain, for seas of.. well.. water, and some good music and eatin' b'y!
Three years on, I'm back in Alberta. I love Newfoundland, and I miss it, but I missed my family, too. 12,000kms will change your whole life. Forever.

I write.
I write for my own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of others. All of my writing is under friends-locks and is almost entirely fanfiction, though I do write original fiction from time to time as well. I am passably good at the English language, and do my best not to maim it with netspeak and other Crimes Against The Language, but I am not perfect, either. I acknowledge that my spelling can be poor. That is why I have friends to proof-read. ^_^

I am a fangirl.
I have a tendancy to *SQUEE* at fannish things from time to time, though I do try to keep it to an absolute minimum, at least in this journal. My Journalfen is where most of my fanstuff ends up (sometimes crossposted here).

I am a librarian-turned-carpenter.
I did ten years of service in libraries in a variety of different capacities. Ten years was enough. I am a first-period apprentice carpenter (framing and finishing) and also a first-year apprentice cabinetmaker. I currently work in the entertainment industry, as a professional prop maker and model builder. God, I love my job.

As I relate to Livejournal...
I will happily friend back anyone who actually finds me interesting enough to friend. I am not the best in the world at leaving comments on my friend's posts, though I am trying to be better! I can also be inconsistant in my posting. If that doesn't bother you, please feel free to add me.. ^_^