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15 October 2008 @ 07:18 pm
I would like to ask your assistance!  
I need your help!

I am writing an article for submission in a roleplaying magazine, on how to entice your Uninterested Significant Other into giving it a fair shot to see if it is something they would actually enjoy joining you for.

This all began with a message on the game company's forum stating that they were really glad to see that women were finally getting interested in roleplaying, and my gentle, but still firm response to them that women have always been interested in it, but that maybe the reason that we're not seen as being into roleplaying is because we haven't been given a fair shot, or that we've been intentionally excluded.

So, I decided it might be worth writing an article for their magazine on how to introduce roleplaying games to someone who may not even realise how fun it is, and that it is something they will enjoy afterall.

So, this is where you come in. This post has been left unlocked. Most of you, if not all of you, are gamers after some fashion, and most, if not all of you, have larger readership than I do. Would you link your friends to my post as well? I would appreciate it very much.

You do not need to be a roleplayer to answer this survey! I'd like to get as broad a range of experiences here as possible.

If you've come here because you've been linked: welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read this over and respond.

ETA: The survey is mostly written with an eye towards women answering, but I'm not so dense as to believe that men don't have valuable insights into this as well, so I welcome respondents of any gender.

On to the survey:

Please answer as few or as many of these questions as you care to.

1) Do you consider yourself a roleplayer?
2) Are you actively involved in any roleplaying games at the moment?
3) If yes, of what sort? (Livejournal, Fandom, Pen and Paper, Play By Mail)
4) What is it about roleplaying that appeals to you the most?
5) What is it about roleplaying that appeals to you the least?
6) Do you avoid identifying yourself as a roleplayer because of negative stereotypes?
7) How did you first get interested in roleplaying?
8) If you don't currently play a pen and paper game (D&D, or any of the multitude of systems out there), what would entice you to consider trying it?
9) If you do currently play a pen and paper game, what is your prefered genre?
10) Would you prefer your first pen and paper experience to be a one-shot "teaching" adventure, or do you want to dive right into a full campaign?
11) You have joined a roleplayers group, and discover that everyone, except yourself, is male. What can the players and game master in this game do to make you feel comfortable with the experience?
12) If you are not already an active roleplayer, is it because you have no interest, no exposure to the possibility, no opportunity to try it in a friendly environment, or some other reason?
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TJ McLaughlind1rewlf on October 17th, 2008 03:00 pm (UTC)
1.) Yes.
2.) Only one at the moment.
3.) It's a text-based freeform game played on IRC.
4.) The story. I love the stories.
5.) There's nothing about roleplaying itself that really turns me off, but there are plenty of people who can ruin the experience.
6.) Nope, I'm pretty open about it.
7.) I was invited to join said IRC game back when they were playing old WoD when I was 18, and signed up because I wanted to get practice in writing and saw that telling the story of a fictional character in a larger universe was really good practice.
8.) Actually, I'd love to play a tabletop game. Most of my experience has been tabletop, but I recently moved and haven't met any local tables yet.
9.) I would love to get a D&D 3.5 game going. Or Star Wars d20. That's a fun little game right there, you get the right crew.
10.) I dove right in, personally, but in the first session where I tried to introduce my then-girlfriend I did a one-shot with potential.
11.) From my limited experience on the matter, it appears to me that what turns a lot of women who look into it away is the role a lot of male players put on female characters and NPC's. I think that if the group isn't careful about the image they give female players, said players may feel an obligation to either play a slut, a bitch, or not play. And while that may suit some women, it seems to push more away than it draws in.
12.) n/a